Starter Pack
	Install Xcode; Xcode Command Line tools

		install binutils findutils tree wget  
		install gdb (because I like the reverse debugging feature)
		instally python3
			install pip pip3 BeautifulSoup

	Upgrade all python packages/modules  
		pip freeze --local | grep -v '^\-e' | cut -d = -f 1 | xargs -n1 pip install -U	

	Enable .bashrc profile in OS X  
		echo -e "if [ -f $HOME/.bashrc ]; then\n\t$HOME/.bashrc\nfi"  > ~/.bash_profile  touch .bash_rc 
		sample .bashrc entries  
			alias ls='ls -G'  
			alias updog="brew update && brew upgrade --all"  
			alias grep="grep --color -E"  
			PS1="(ยด  "  
			alias vi=vim  
			alias emacs=vim  
			HISTSIZE=1000 (read this article 

(In the brief interlude, cry because you compile Valgrind from source  
then realize it's broken on OS X. 
The last time it worked iirc is Snow Leopard. Thanks Apple)  

Other settings
	Configure ssh keys
	Configure open at login items

System Settings
	Disable Guest Account
	Tweak Spotlight
	Security&Privacy. Require password immediately after screen sleep  

Install Parallels because sometimes you need to use Windows. Regret decision once you get 50 virus infections and China scrapes your data using a 0-day unfixed since Windows 3.1. Beautiful.
( Wonder why Windows explorer is so much better than Finder. Assuaged when you realize regedit is a thing, you have to install drivers to get Windows to be useful, and the time it took to get "Hello World".c to barely compile could've been better spent getting an online degree from University of Phoenix )
Install Chrome. Rejoice at how better it is than Safari. Then realize it ate up all your memory. (Come to think of it, the best OSes of all time are: Windows XP, Snow Leopard )
Install Sublime Why does Command-N open a new tab, idk a) You can map Command-T to open new Tabs. Add this to key bindings file: { "keys": ["super+t"], "command": "new_file", "args": {"index": 0 } }, { "keys": ["super+n"], "command": "new_window" } b) I like Xcode's color scheme. Install Xcode_default Theme from Colorsublime package c) Adobe's source code Pro is a great font. Download it from their Github repo. Install and add this to your preferences "font_face": "Source Code Pro" (Cry because Disk Utility is ugly and Apple continually iOSifies OS X)
Apps BarTender LittleSnitch Transmit Flux
Randomize Desktop Wallpapers
Deprecated Tame Drew Houston's invasive stuff i) This alias removes Dropbox's ugly Finder integrations: alias DropBoxBehave="sudo rm /Applications/; sudo rm -r /Library/DropboxHelperTools/" Drew why is this a thing?