#How to Build LLDB On Linux (gdb sometimes sucks)
#It wasn't so apparent at first 

# In Fedora, I had to preinstall certain dependencies using dnf first 
#	qt-devel		#	gcc-arm-linux-gnu		
#	cmake			#	doxygen.x86-64
#	gcc-c++			#	python-devel.x86-64
#	libedit-devel.x86-64

(´ ▽`).。 mkdir installation build
(´ ▽`).。 cd installation
(´ ▽`).。 svn co http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/llvm/trunk llvm
(´ ▽`).。 cd llvm/tools
(´ ▽`).。 svn co http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/trunk clang
(´ ▽`).。 svn co http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/lldb/trunk lldb
(´ ▽`).。 cd ../../build
(´ ▽`).。 cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ../installation/lldb
(´ ▽`).。 make lldb

#lldb executable should now be in  build/bin 

	If you're feeling lazy, 
	you can download pre-built binaries for 64-bit Fedora here

	How to setup binaries
	Extract bin.tar.gz to get bin/
	In your .bashrc
		Add bin/ location to $PATH
		Add bin/lib/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/ to your PYTHONPATH
		Add bin/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH

	Entries in .bashrc for bin.tar.gz  extracted to ~/bin: 
	export PATH=$PATH:~/bin:~/bin/lib
	export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/bin/lib
	export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:~/bin/lib/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/
	After which, you should be able to invoke lldb seamlessly